High Chair

September 5, 2010

While I was pregnant, I happened upon an antique store that I fell in love with. The owner was a wonderful lady in her mid forties, a lady who shares my love of fabrics, vintage and beauty. In this store I found a lovely oak high chair from the 1960’s that had the feel I wanted for my house: warm, cozy and not plastic. As I chatted with my new friend I found the chair had a history, it had been sold by a Grandmother in the neighborhood who had kept it in her attic for a decade after feeding her six grandchildren and four children in it. I was smitten.

This morning’s project was making a chair pad for this high chair, something that could be wiped down after meals and make the wood seat and back more comfortable for my little guy. I had a scrap of oil cloth from an early summer shrimp boil that was laying around the house and some left over batting from chair cushions we had reupholstered last year. Guess what! A high chair cover was born!

I made a sack out of the oil cloth and stuffed it with batting, sewing it shut at the base. I then used sticky backed velcro to attach the pad to the chair. Viola!


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