Sick Days

September 10, 2010

I have been away for a few days and I apologize. My little one has been sick with an ear infection and croup, therefore my days have been a frenzy of cuddles, sniffles, coughs and lack of sleep! Of course, as a mommy who is constantly used as a tissue and has been coughed, sneezed and spat on for four days straight, it is no wonder that I, too, am under the weather.

This period of illness and motherhood has led me to learn a whole different lesson of parenting: along with patience and love, sometimes it is important to just sit and love. I am usually a run run run person, someone who has to constantly be doing something and usually has at least three projects going on at once, but this week has taught me the wonders of sitting in my nook and just watching a show with my little guy. It is a wonder to watch the Muppets with him, to see him laugh over the silliness of Kermit or Gonzo even if he can’t quite understand the concept.

We read a ton in this house and I often find myself reading to him at bedtimes and throughout the day, but this week has been a different experience for me, a time of bonding and nurturing, of love and understanding that it will be all better soon.


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