Roasted Milk

September 16, 2010

Today was a rather mellow, boring day of getting stuff done: laundry, vacuuming, dishes, dusting, diapers, blah, blah, blah. You know, all the stuff you have to do and rarely enjoy doing. After a morning of chores and playing with the munchkin I decided that we needed to get out and get a treat: Peruvian food at the the wonderful hole in the wall El Inka.

El Inka is this fabulous tiny, and I mean TINY, restaurant in Gresham owned and operated by a lovely Peruvian couple and their son. It is known for their wood fired oven in which they roast Pollo a la Brasa, or roasted Peruvian spiced chicken. If you have never tasted Pollo a la Brasa, I highly recommend it, it is succulent, spicy, juicy and earthy from the wood fire. Yum! This chicken comes with a salad and fries or salad and beans, all for under $8 bucks.

Well, during this trip to El Inka I did not have the Pollo, I ordered the Daily Special of Tallarin Saltado (Sauteed Noodles) that came with a lovely dish is spiced noodles with chicken, tomatoes and onions. It was fantastic.

For dessert I ordered one of my favorite dishes: Leche Asada (Roasted Milk). This is a soft cooked custard of milk, eggs, sugar and citrus poached in a water bath and chilled. It is softly creamy without the headiness of a creme brulee.

Since this is one of my favorites, I took it upon myself to try to make it at home. Here are some photos and my recipe! I hope you can make it and enjoy it as much as I have.

Roasted Milk

1 liter milk

2 eggs, separated

1/2 cup sugar

zest of 1 lemon or lime

Heat oven to 350. Bring milk to a boil and turn off to cool.

Whisk egg whites to soft peak adding small amounts of sugar as you whisk until the sugar is fully blended in. Set aside.

Blend yolks with some of the scalded milk, slowly incorporating the milk till it is all blended.

Add zest to yolk mixture and slowly but gently using a rubber spatula fold the yolks into the whites.

Take a roasting pan and place a dish towel in the bottom. Place nine ramekins in the pan and carefully fill them to three quarters full with the custard.

Open oven door and place pan on the door. Fill area surrounding the ramekins with boiling water to create a water bath. Bake in the water bath for 30 minutes at 350, remove from oven and let sit in water for another 15 minutes. Remove and chill overnight. Serve cold.


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