Sticks and Strings

January 6, 2011

Image by Rudolf Watzig

Many of you already know that one of my goals is to learn to knit. I began shortly before the New Year trying to read about it , working in my very OCD fashion by checking out every single book I could out of the library to absorb as much as I could about my newest hobby. Well, now I am working on my very first piece knit by my own two hands, a long skinny scarf to practice my knit stitch.

I recently changed to bamboo needles and I have to say I love them. There is something very grounding about having wood in your hand and soft, warm yarn in your fingers. The smoothness of the sticks, the soft, polished wood, the nubby yarn winding its way through your fingers as you weave in and out of the loops and knots, there are few things that really bring you into the moment and melt the stress away of busy days and life.

As you might be able to tell, I am really enjoying my knitting process. I really am enjoying the stitching, and getting so close to finishing my very first project!


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