Lotus Baby Love!

January 7, 2011

There are few things I enjoy more than making things for those I care about. Lately, this has included many little ones during the holidays, but it also includes quite a few new or soon be new (again!) moms. It seems like so many friends and relatives are expecting, and it *just* gives me a reason to try out new patterns I have had my eye on for a long time.

Two weeks ago, after a late afternoon caffeine binge I began piecing together a quilt. Then I took it apart, then my little guy found it all and had quite the party moving pieces, tossing them in the air and just scattering them around the house (I was making dinner while this all happened in a matter of five minutes!!). Needless to say, something had to be done about the pieces! I finally found a pattern I loved, cut, trimmed, pieced and pinned,  sewed,  sewed, and sewed. And now, I  can honestly say that I LOVE IT!

I love that fabric, which I had purchased oh, I don’t know, about four years ago as I dreamed of lotus bloom skirts and pink florals. I held on to it, dreaming again of tote bags, blouses and the eventual possibility of a little girl to gift it to (hopefully my own!). Dreaming once more, I took it out again and played with it making baby pants and fun projects, but always saving the majority of it all for the eventual inspiration. Well, here it is, inspiration hit me and I love how my very first quilt turned out.

I followed a traditional log cabin pattern, a good sized central square surrounded by strips of the cloth. The padding is a natural 100% cotton batting backed in a cotton flannel. The lovely thing about this quilt is that it will slowly soften as it is laundered.

I loved it so much I even monogrammed it with the soon to be here little one’s initial, and I was so excited to gift it!


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