What a day!

January 11, 2011

Many of you who know me know my love of nooks. This fall I made myself  a reading/knitting nook in my living room to be able to work on my projects while my husband and I watch TV. After this fabulous nook was assembled of a super comfortable leather chair, a lamp and an ottoman I decided that my guest room also needed nooking. I  took out a small television, moved a table and made this: my own little sewing space.

Imagine my surprise when I sat down at my sewing machine this morning to piece together a project to find it had stopped working. While this has happened before and it has been repaired before this time it really hit the bucket. Now there are few things as frustrating as sitting down to work on a project and realizing that your machine is broke. Yikes, what now. I went out to the living room to pout for a few minutes and my beloved husband said he would take it to the repair shop for me.

A few hours later he returns with this:

Oh my goodness!! A brand spanking new machine! What a fabulous, fabulous present! It is an Anna BabyLock, very portable and lightweight with an automatic bobbin winder and all sorts of fabulous stitches. Also, it is whisper quiet and I am no longer afraid of waking the munchkin when I sew.  I think I’ll name her Annie.

I worked on it for about two hours today to get my *surprise* project done. I should be done tomorrow with pictures to follow.

Me thinks my hunny loves me.


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