A time to play

January 12, 2011

This morning started with a runny nose and a Momma who freaked out thinking we had yet another cold. I cancelled a playdate, braced myself for another round of sleepless nights and ran to the store for a supply of just in cases.  As we ran around the store, dropped the dog off at the groomers and ran our errands I was bombarded by a clingy, crabby little boy who wanted nothing to do with anything this Momma wanted to get done.

After a few hours of fighting and fighting it dawned on me: why was I fighting? Did it really matter if I didn’t get the laundry done? Did it matter if the shopping wasn’t finished, the dishes not done or the house not straightened up. Did it matter if anything got done at all?

I sat down. I picked up a little car and played car all over my living room floor, read stories and cuddled.  We giggled, we laughed, I tickled and worked on our new words. He laughed, chased the dog, yelled at the chickens and flipped through books. Then, when something spilled I grabbed the broom and showed him how to sweep – and he helped.

Now many other Mommas and parents have had this happen before to them but this is a new one for me.  Sometimes I am not a patient Momma, sometimes I am hurried, rushed and just want to get it done. Now this works well for non toddlerhood, but in the world of toddlers this is not the most effect course. Toddlers want and need to feel useful, they need to have a job as a part of the household. Even though it might make a normal task longer and seriously more involved, it is a must to keep the peace and make the little guys feel needed. All of this is a lesson to me, a much needed lesson.

I learned to relax a little today, to let go and make sure to let the little guy “help”. He “helped” sweep the dining room. He “helped” change the wash to the dryer. He “helped” empty the dishwasher. And I helped him color and play with trucks.

I believe in the end he helped me more than I helped him.


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