I’m sorry.

January 13, 2011

If there is anything I like more than crafting things it is getting a good deal on something my family needs. That being said, I have never been very good at coupons, always believing that I only needed to clip what I bought and use them when I regularly shopped. Boy, oh boy was I wrong.

Today was my very first day of couponing and I scored free dishsoap, toothpaste, floss, Lysol Disenfectant Spray and a can of mixed nuts. Yes, free!! I couldn’t believe it when I left the store, looking over my shoulder as if I were stealing from the store. I was shocked at the easiness of this buying, find whats on sale, match coupons and just buy smart.

But, as I went through my checkout experience I realized just how many times I say I’m sorry. Here it is my turn to check out, and yes, while I know I have coupons and it will take a few minutes longer (I believe I backed the line up about four deep!) and here I am apologizing to everyone in earshot. I’m sorry I take so long, I’m sorry for making you wait, I’m sorry for having coupons, I’m sorry for not having them in order, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

Towards the end of my check out experience I realized that if I am going to join the world of couponing Momma’s out there I need to stop feeling guilty for being a smart and savvy shopper. I realized that I, like so many other girls out there, are sorry for so many things that really are not ours to be sorry for. I constantly apologize and usually for things that are rarely my fault.

So, no, I’m not sorry! If you don’t like my coupons and how long it takes, tough! HA!


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