Right now…

January 16, 2011

I am having a chat with one of my girls.  If I talk to her from my living room she will happily answer me by clucking and shaking her tail feathers.

My girls have been free range pretty much all their lives but recently, as in last fall, my husband and I decided to let them be free range all the time, meaning we no longer lock them up every evening rather letting them decide when they go in and when they are out again. This was done during a rather nasty rain storm with some ice mixed in when, let’s face it, we really didn’t want to go outside. They have their coop with lots of clean, warm straw, a heat lamp or two and plenty of food and water – they are set!

As these girls have gotten used to being free they have slowly, ever so slightly, moved closer and closer to the house and garden. They always knew the garden was a plethora of worms, scraps, and other delectable yummies: Momma’s brand new pea shoots? YUM! Momma’s sweet baby lettuces? YUM YUM! Momma’s just sprouted herbs?? Oh my goodness, YES!!!

But now, oh yes now, they have found the patio and the step that leads up to the house. And they watch us. ALL. THE. TIME. And my little guy stands at the window and talks to them. And screams at them. And tries to give them his toys through the glass.

I have a hunch that if I were to prop the back door open they would just mosey on in and make themselves at home. I think we might enter a new world of farm living at that point – chickens running underfoot while we carve our Sunday Roast. Hrmm…

Sorry ladies, I do have to draw the line at house chickens.


3 Responses to “Right now…”

  1. Anita Says:

    Hello 🙂 My friend David Y. sent me to your blog – and I really like it here 🙂
    I like this post – and I love chickens, lol… The foxes and coyotes are thick here, if we didn’t close them up at night – we would lose them all very quick I’m afraid.
    The story is told that one night there was a commotion in my grandfather’s hen house… he grabbed a gun and went to investigate… it was a fox, and by the time my grandfather got finished shooting he’d lost 5 of his best hens… and the fox got away, lol…

  2. mommapea Says:

    Thank you for the comment! You are actually my very first comment, ever! I am thrilled.
    I have heard that foxes and coyotes are dangerous around hens but we are fortunate not to have a problem with them. Once in a while we get a curious raccoon or opossum but our dog goes nuts over them and lets us know.

    • Anita Says:

      You’re very welcome! I look forward to reading more…
      raccoons and opossums cause so much damage around here, a lot of farmers shoot them on sight… opossums carry a disease that can kill horses, not to mention rabies and other things… I hate that there isn’t more than can be done to save them without creating a hazard for farm animals!

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