All in a day’s work…

January 19, 2011

As many of you know, this little family has been going through a rough patch the last few days and this little boy has had a few too many doctor’s appointments and a few too many pokes and prods. Luckily, he is just fine and reeking havoc all over our house and yard.

Being one is a difficult job. Trying to traverse the world being two and a half feet tall and not able to say what you wish or want in any discernible way is very, very difficult. As I watch this sweet, curious boy explore the home and land he was born into I see the difficulties that he has: everything is touchable, everything goes in the mouth, everything is his to explore.

Sometimes being this little boy’s Momma is difficult. Patience is not always my forte, occasionally I am preoccupied or wished to get something done that does not involve him. I will admit it, I am not always the best Momma. Occasionally he can be clingy and whining – and occasionally I can be annoyed.

Enter our beloved first child: Lucy. Lucy that tender hearted, sweet, loving Lab. Lucy the always hungry, always curious and always ready to play. Lucy the wonder the loves to cuddle, loves to look at picture books and (amazingly) is very, very gentle. Lucy my lifesaver who will always play with the little guy when I am just not able to.

There is something wonderful about a boy and his dog. These two are pals, these two share snacks, pillows, toys and more slobber than I care to share. They share a home, they share parents, they share a yard and they share love. They both sit by the window and share the marvel of rain storms and chickens, and when we go for walks the each walk each other – the little guy holding her leash in his stroller.

Yes, a boy and his dog. I can only imagine the adventures these two will go on as they both grow up.


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