January 24, 2011

While I sit here and write I am looking out my window and seeing my beautiful garden lush with greens and flowers, trees blooming and gently swaying in the breeze. I see bees buzzing, my hens clucking and scratching for bugs and leaves, chasing each other across the yard. The vegetables are up, tender and soft leaves barely pushing their way out of our dark, loamy soil, each baby leaf unfurling to find sun, wind, water, life.

The sun is shining and the tulips are up.  Tender petals pushing open, turning from green to peach to pink as the flower opens. The tulips are up and daffodils are opening up and the grass is green. The apple and pear tree are bursting with buds and across the fence I see my neighbor’s cherry tree drooping with blooms.

Yes, in my dream it is full, luscious spring. And today it was lovely – the sun was shining, the wind blowing and the park beckoned us outside. My little guy, the dog and I wandered out and across the way to a lovely neighborhood park. We played and climbed and slid and bounced. He swung, I pushed, he flew, I caught. I had my fingers firmly held by a little boy calling, “Momma, momma” everywhere he went and wanting to show me everything: the swing set, the slide, the bouncy bridge, the ship’s wheel.  I felt loved, shared with and coveted as he pulled me to show me a leaf he found, “Ohhhhh!” a bug crawling on the ground, “Ohhhhh!” the dog rolling on the grass.

It might still be January, it might be sunny today and pouring tomorrow as most Januaries in the Pacific Northwest go, yes it might be the beginning of the year but today, today dear readers, today I am dreaming. Dreaming of spring, dreaming of days spent on walks, hikes and picnics, days of exploring the garden and yard with a curious little boy who sees more than I ever will and wishes to share it with me.


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