My new pet!

February 2, 2011

Yes, I have a brand new pet.  I posted a picture about this last Friday but I thought it needed a full posting for its introduction.  This is my sourdough starter and it is my very first one I have done since I left culinary school many, many years ago.

I started it (he/she??) last weekend and according to my recipe it needs to keep for fifteen to twenty days. So far, it smells sour with a nice yeasty smell. Now, I have been baking bread with commercial yeast for years but I have rarely had a real sourdough starter that was made the proper way: mix water and flour with your hands and let it sit for two days. Thats it. No sugar, no yeast, no nothing.

Two days after I started it there were bubbles. I fed it as I was supposed to and here we are, one week later and it is lovely. It is soury, stringy, and doughy and although I had to adjust the water a bit since it wasn’t as batter-ish as I wanted it to be, it is perfect.

Yes, I have high hopes for my sourdough. We are trying to incorporate more whole wheat recipes in our diet and if this is as fantastic as I am hoping than this one might be a great place to start. Here it is all jarred up and ready to go in the cupboard for another 24 hours’ rest.

Yes, I have high hopes for this new baby. Lot’s of buttery, jam filled hopes.


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