It is a new world we live in…

February 4, 2011

Or is it?

It appears that what was once old news is back again in the main stream media (as things usually go!) and there is talk of food prices being a high. Problems in Africa, the Middle East and unpredictable weather conditions have caused unstable crop harvesting and a degradation of high quality crops into animal feed. This coupled with crops needed for biofuel research and a change in diets around the world has led to a new shortage in wheat, soybeans and corn.

I am sure you have all heard all of this before. Why am I talking about it now? Well, I am an avid thrift-seeker. If I can do something that costs me little to no money, enriches my family and self and give me a bounty of benefits in return, heck, I’m all in!  And planting a garden can do all these and more, whats more it has been done by families for centuries (amazing, no?) and has been feeding people for as long as man can remember. I began my first garden in California at my parent’s house with dim results. I did not know water was required to grow a garden (I know, I know!) and came out with really bad results. When my husband and I moved into this house the first thing we did was till a garden and we have now cultivated the richest soil and most succulent vegetables.

It is prime seed starting season. Our little garden patch is looking bare and tired after the winter rains, winds and frost.  The dream cycle of winter is well underway in our little house, my husband has purchased his new heated seed tray and we are pouring over seed catalogs like a Sears Robuck catalog. I feel a bit like a kid with a Toy catalog.  It is a dream to plant a garden, the hope for the best summer ever, with riches beyond our wildest dreams: more fantastic, vine fresh vegetables than we could possibly eat, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchinis, beans, corn, strawberries, pears, apples, figs, grapes, peppers, onions and garlic all overflowing with taste and abundance.

In these grey winter days we dream of bare shoulders, abundance and warm summer sun. I dream of a lush, green garden that is most of all free. With rising food prices and a growing family with a desire to eat local, fresh food and not processed junk I dream of stepping out of my backdoor for my produce.

What will be in your garden this year?


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