Me thinks he loves me…

February 5, 2011

Last night, after finishing my husband’s newest winter hat I had an urge to start a new project. I had started my little guy’s Pebble last Monday at our Stitch and Bitch (more on that later) but found the wool yarn I had purchased for it was not up to my standards. I just could not make a cozy spring vest for him with a scratchy yarn.  So there I was, twiddling my thumbs wondering what to knit next. Unraveling Pebble and starting over wasn’t in my agenda last night and I just didn’t have much heart for anything.

And then…

This afternoon He and my Mother in Law come home with this:

More yarn and wonderful supplies than I could have hoped for.  A fantastic set of screw on circular needles that I have been coveting for a while. A new pattern for a sweater that I adore and all the yarn in a beautiful texture and color to make it. Various skeins of wools and blends in the most loveliest of colors. And a Ball Winder. Yes! A ball winder, although I wonder if my husband is as giddy as I am about it.

I borrowed a friend’s ball winder a few weeks back to get all my yarn wound up.  As I came home from the playgroup I got the baby to sleep and took a much needed shower, but not before sharing my enthusiasm with my husband about this fantastic contraption called a Ball Winder. He was very interested and tried to play with it a little as I hopped in the shower, and low and behold I come out to find all my yarn wound up and a very happy husband loving the thing and asking where more yarn was. I am wondering if the ball winder was as much for him as it is for me!!

Still, I am thrilled! I have projects! I have more yarn than I know what to do with and an amazing set of circulars to play with.

I better get busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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