Around the yard

February 11, 2011

In our little home, there are many mouths to feed. Every mouth thinks it is the most important, each one demanding its moment in the sun for care, nurturing, grooming and love. One whines, the other cries, another scratches, and many more rally for attention as the days move from wintery frost to spring time rains and budding trees. 

We try our best to give each creature their due attention in a timely manner. We do not wish for anyone to feel ignored, unwanted or neglected. We feed and cuddle and stroke and love each one in their due time, and in return we have happiness.

As this winter begins to turn into spring we have signs of wellbeing from the care we give. Plants are budding, trees are swelling, shoots are sprouting and hens are laying.

These are the moment when our love really pays off. These are the beginnings of life reaffirmed, of the world waking up once more.



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