Playing in the Dirt

February 14, 2011

The rain is back here in Portland, and I am rather happy about it. We have had several weeks of lovely sunshine these last few weeks but I am happy to get some rain and water my beloved gardens. Rudie and I are currently dreaming of our gardens, dreaming of digging in the dirt, spreading manure, tilling, fertilizing and getting it all ready for a long, glorious summer of outdoor dining and living.

In the spirit of the coming spring, we spent the afternoon planting and repotting various plants and getting our seeds started. I am so happy to get my nails dirty (even if I just polished them!) and get my plants groomed up and looking fresh. I replanted my Gardenia which lives on my kitchen counter by my sink. I love this plant, I was gifted it when it was just a little thing with three leaves and now it has grown into a leggy, gorgeous shining plant. I planted it into a larger pot, added fresh dirt and topped it off with some vanilla bean mulch.

Now, if you have never heard of vanilla bean mulch I highly suggest you find some at a high end nursery: it is the most amazing smells, finely shredded mulch and lends my kitchen a fresh homey smell of vanilla.

Since both of us love to cook, I gifted Rudie a package of Saffron Crocus a year or so ago and finally got them all planted up. I am hopefully for beautiful blooms with wonderful saffron stamens for cooking!  They don’t look like much now, but I am optimistic.

Rudie finally planted up his heated seed tray with various eclectic seeds for things we really can’t find in our local nursery. Peruvian peppers, thai chiles, exotic basils, ghost chilies, eggplants, melons, tabbacco and a few I can’t remember.

Yes, we are dreaming of spring this late winter. Dreaming of lusciousness green leaves, fresh picked vegetables and amazing flowers.


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