Cozy Days

February 16, 2011

We don’t get many snowy days around these parts. There are many rainy, wet days. We have foggy, soggy, puddle jumping days, but snow is a hard to come by element in the Pacific Northwest. Imagine my happiness this morning when Rudie called out, SNOW!!!

My heart racing, I ran to the window to watch it. Gerhard also ran to the window and gave me a look of wonder as to what that white stuff was. We cuddled up and watch the snow fall for a little while before heading out to storytime.

Although I grew up in Southern California (where snow is an even rarer commodity than it is here!), winter weather has always fascinated me. Being cozy by the fire with loads of cocoa, tea and hand-made goodies, winter weather brings out the home in all of us. The care we take in creating a warming environment for our loved ones, the time we take to make sure our little ones are bundled, mittened and scarfed shows the warmth of our souls, the fire of our hearts.

Unfortunately the snow did not last today, but the cold did. It was chilly enough for us to cuddle up and get warmed by the hearth fire while Gerhard and I read books in the afternoon. And now? Now I am next to my beloved fire, knitting away on husband’s scarf for next winter. Yes, my toes are toasty, there is a peanut butter graham cracker coming my way and I am a happy Pea.


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