Snowy Day

February 27, 2011

We had a small snow storm this last week. Well, “storm” is really a relative term, since any snow here in Portland is considered a big deal. We barely received an inch on our side of town but I will have to admit that it was exciting. Sitting inside, watching it fall, seeing our yard and garden covered in a lovely white blanket was something that just warmed my heart and made me feel a true sense of home.

While some may share my feelings on this, many find it a bit silly. See, I am South American by birth, Southern Californian by up bringing and a true lover of all things warm. But it was many years ago that I slowly found myself yearning for cold. The sense of what it meant, to be warmed by something other than the sun and sand and to have to try to make a coziness last for the family intrigued me. I decided, at a young age, that I wanted to live somewhere where there would be seasons changing, to be able to truly experience all that the year brings to us.

This brings me back to our small snow storm. Watching my son watching the snow fall, seeing him try to understand what it was and what it meant was like seeing it for the first time for me. Having him play, tromp and fall in it, picking it up in a mittened hand and attempting to taste it, it all brought me the joy of seeing him learn to love nature, love the seasons and hopefully, enjoy the snow.

And then, we went back inside to share a bit of hot cocoa, warm up by the fire (which he learned the word for that day too!!) and watched the snow fall some more. We shared the experience and learned that even a little bit of snow is enough to learn and love and get our fill.



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