{The healthy cake}

March 7, 2011


This weekend was Rudie’s birthday, and in the spirit of all things fantastic we threw him a birthday party.  We love to throw parties in this little house, love to entertain for our beloved friends and neighbors and create fabulous meals. Rudie has been on a Greek cuisine kick lately and wanted to plan a menu that was different and healthy.

We made a lovely grilled lamb leg gyro with homemade Tzaziki, pitas and salad with herb dressing. But for dessert, oh for dessert we made an amazing cake we took from a Jamie Oliver show on Greece. It is a honey pistachio cake, made from all healthy ingredients with clean citrus flavors and a dense, wonderful texture.

I would make this again in a heartbeat. My guests loved the cake, asking for where we got it from and how to make it. It has a dense, pound cake like texture but then is topped with a wonderful honey, citrus and pistachio glaze that makes the cake rise to a new level. I felt good feeding this cake to my family, as opposed to the birthday cakes that we usually get which are filled with butter, sugar and all sorts of unhealthy stuff!


I topped the cake with strawberries tossed in a little orange juice and sugar and some Greek yogurt for creaminess and texture.

Honey Pistachio Cake

5 Large eggs
225ml Greek yoghurt
225g caster sugar
75g ground almonds
zest of 1 lemon and 1 orange
150g plain flour
200g semolina
2 level teaspoons of baking powder
200ml of mild olive  oil
150g of pistachios
150ml of honey
juice of the lemon and orange

– Mix all together and pour into a greased (with Olive oil and flour) baking dish, about 22x29cm. (9X13″ pan)
– Bake for about half a hour. Let cake cool for 1 hour.
– Make sure the cake is totally cool
– Take a knife and poke small holes all over the cooled cake
– Toast 150g of pistachios and  add 150ml of honey. Add the juice from both the fruits (lemon and orange). Simmer for only a bit
– Then pour on the pistachio, honey, juice mixture
– Cut and serve with fresh Greek yogurt
– Also can toss fresh strawberries with some orange juice, sugar and then scoop some on top of the yogurt.


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