March 12, 2011

This week came with a big lesson for this Momma. With a little patience and determination, many things can be achieved. Yes, this sounds like a total cliche, and yes, it is something you have heard over and over and over again. But I am not one to be very good at perseverance, I am not one to keep at something when it is HARD.  Usually, I am the first person to say, oh to hell with it, it is too hard, too troubling, too time consuming and usually just give it up.

But something has happened to me since I started knitting. Since I picked up the needles and cast on for the first time I have found an incredible patience for this craft that I have never had with anything before.  It appears that I have a patience for wool, a patience for needles and a serious perseverance for this art called knitting.

I cast on this week on double pointed needles for the very first time. I found a lovely tutorial for Knitted Easter Eggs and instantly fell in love. I am a lover of all things spring and fresh and especially Easter lovelies to celebrate the coming of a new, sunnier season.  Plus, I got to knit something adorably small and cute to hang on branches in my house.  I casted on according to the pattern on small double pointed needles and attempted to knit. And, after an hour of trying my best I ended up looking up a tutorial on Youtube to see if I was truly the only person who thought this was akin to wrestling with a skinny, poky Octopus.

After four hours of knitting, I had my very first Easter Egg. It was pink, egg shaped and cute. Yes, it has flaws but for my very first project I am quite happy with it. I had spent four hours of my night knitting one tiny egg and I was thrilled to see that I had mastered the double pointed needles and actually made something that resembled the pattern. Yes!!

It appears that I lose myself in knitting, I find my center and focus and persevere over my challenge. Hopefully, this will transpose itself into the other aspects of my life.


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