Perfecting the Craft

March 19, 2011

As I find knitting to be my peace and comfort after a long day of chasing the little guy and house and garden duties, I find my skills improving tenfolds. Everyday I feel I get better, more skilled, more confident in my abilities and my hands just seem to have muscle memory – the ability to just do the motions without much thinking.

Yet despite my improvements, I am still a novice. I barely can do many of the patterns considered to be easy and it isn’t uncommon to find days of knitting need to be unraveled due to tension and issues with my knitting.

I began this hand warmer for my Momma’s Mother’s Day present earlier this week and last night it needed to be unraveled. As I got to the end of the wrist area I found my later knitting was so much better than my earlier knitting and it just wouldn’t do to gift something that looked so disheveled.

Every knitting session gives me a chance to delve into my own consciousness, a chance to reflect on my day, my week and to work the kinks out of my own mental fabric. While my hands are busy I can stretch, smooth and perfect the stitches of my own feelings, troubles and concerns, a bit of mental “blocking” to help shape my own self.

These are the lessons learnt from knitting: you have to go one stitch at a time, really feel the yarn and needles and if at first it isn’t right, correct your mistakes. Rarely is there something that can’t be unraveled and correctly to the way you wish it to be – both in life and at the needles.


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