{Into the toolbox}

March 22, 2011

When you least expect it, it seems that homeownership catches up to you. Earlier this year it was the garage door spring that snapped and rendered it useless. Last night, it was the dryer that refused to heat.

I won’t tell a lie and not share that our first thought was to go out and buy a new dryer. Yes, we spent many hours today researching dryers and cubic feet, options and cycles. But after many hours of looking and searching, we starting thinking of just seeing if possibly we could do something to make it work on our own.

On our own is a term I have come to love. Not only as homeowners, but as a young couple, on our own is something we don’t hear very often anymore. Most of our generation is of the mindset that if it breaks we must go out to Best Buy and get a new one – or at the very least call the repair man to fix it. Rarely  do we have the gumption to do it ourselves, to really delve in to the problem, research and try to fix it.

I am so proud of my husband  for the fixing of our dryer – for trying to find the problem, getting dirty and shocked a few times to save a little money and really have the pride of ownership in our home. While many of you might find this redundant and silly, for us it is a huge ego boost and kind of a big deal.

Yes, things are getting fixed in this little house – and we have Daddy to thank for it!


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