March 28, 2011

I have to confess that I love beans. I love the taste and texture, smell and nutrition of beans. Black beans are often a favorite in this house, with spicy soup, dips and just plain ole frijoles making their way into our weekly menu.

This week I wanted something a little more interesting, a little different. I had seen others make black bean burgers but had never tried them myself. So, why not!

I prefer to use dried beans in all my cooking simply because it is less expensive and tastier. The canned varieties tend to lose flavor and texture, no to mention the nutritional loss when pressure canned into aluminum.

I wish I had a better photo of these wonderfully tasty patties, the patties that my carnivore of a husband proclaimed would eat any night of the week. We made, cook and devoured the patties so quickly that the camera was forgotten until it was time to freeze the leftovers! SO I apologize for the unappealing photo, it was the best I could do!

Black Bean Burgers

3 cups cooked black beans

1/2 finely diced onion

1 tsp dried oregano

1 tsp dried basil

1/2 tsp red chili flake

1 cup dried bread crumbs

1 egg

salt and pepper to taste

Place cooked beans into food processor and puree. Move to bowl and add minced onion, oregano, basil, red chili flakes,1/3 cup  bread crumbs, salt and pepper. Mix well and taste. If seasoned to your liking add egg and mix thoroughly. Form into balls and press into patties. Roll in breadcrumbs and place on tray. Refrigerate for 20 minutes till firm. Heat 2 tbsp veggie oil in a skillet and fry until golden brown.



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