Take off!

March 31, 2011

We took off and flew! I have to say that for a little guy there is nothing quite as thrilling as an airplane. With wings. Or as my little guy kept saying, “WWWWiiiiiiggggss!!”

Even when you got up at four am, had no breakfast for lack of appetite and time and were on very, very little sleep. Even when you’re being carted around on Mommy’s chest while she is weighed down like a pack mule with the ridiculous amount of toys, snacks and books she thought an 18 month old would like for a 2 hour flight. Even when you’re so sleep deprived and exhausted that your eyes are bleary and red rimmed, you can still find it in your heart to wave bye bye to every single person on the plane as they enter and exit.

Yes, flying is amazingly thrilling when you’re 18 months old.  The roar of the engines, the rush of the wind, the lift of take off and the look to Momma of, “Oh my goodness what was THAT!!”

We have arrived.


2 Responses to “Take off!”

  1. Rudie Says:

    That is an awesome pic P. When I pulled him out of his car seat, when we were on the roadway at arrivals, he started pointing at the big glass canopy and everywhere else, saying “DAT, DAT, DAT!” I miss the little guy.

  2. Cynthia Henry Says:

    This is a beautiful little ditty to help me through my day, Pia! I am so glad you are blessed with such a Pleasurably Memorable Toddler Flight 🙂 Have fun in the sun!

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