Bunny Ramblings

April 10, 2011



Easter is one of my favorite times of the year. The allure of spring, to celebrate it’s bloom and blossom and to give the warm weather a great big welcome. Easter has become a major retail holiday too, with every Sunday paper being chock full of ads for giving the perfect present to the children of the world.

But when and why is this? Why has Easter become such a gift holiday? I”m at a loss for words when I look over the ads and see the commercials for all the  *stuff* that is necessary for a perfect Easter holiday. Has this always been and I’ve never noticed?

I feel as if our children already have more amounts of stuff than ever necessary, even to the point of ridiculousness. Yet, the impulse to buy, buy, buy is overwhelming.  I am guilty of it – you see the ToysRUs catalog, the Target gift section and it all looks so appealing, so much fun. But I can honestly say that my son has a huge box of toys he does not play with, plus more in his bedroom that might be played with occasionally.

We struggle (ok, I struggle) with this issue all the time. I get antsy, I get anxious and bored with what HE has and doesn’t have. I feel like he should have more, but really, is more what he needs? Do any of our kids really need more toys, or do they just need more life? Often I feel like when I want to go buy him something I just need to visit a park or a playground to give the experience we really need: a good dose of playtime and learning.

With Easter right around the corner the urge to build the perfect Easter basket is looming – but maybe I can fight the urge for stuff and take a trip instead. A U-Pick farm, the Tulip Festival or hiking in the Gorge, any of these might be a better event than the opening of unneeded gifts, with the money not spent on toys going to a lovely family picnic.

Yes, that does sound much better than stuff.


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