{Early Rising}

April 18, 2011

After a long and lovely weekend filled with friends, food, more friends and more food, the male members of my family have decided to sleep in.  But for this Momma, the sun beckons and I just could not sleep any more.

So, I’m up! I’m up and showered and it’s barely six a.m. I’m looking at the pile of projects to fix and tinker with – an apron to adjust (more on that later!), a knitting to partially unravel ( again, later!!) and of course, we need breakfast. Yes, let’s start with breakfast.

Scones, it must be scones!

So, after some mixing and kneading…

Cutting into four…



And place on baking sheet…

And allow the magic in the oven to take place. Go little oven gnomes, do your thing!



And know what’s better than scones?

Scones piled high on a pretty plate!

I’m pretty sure once the little guy wakes up I’ll be seeing some of this:

Gimme!! Gimme!!

Hope your Monday morning is as happy as ours!!


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