April 21, 2011

Spring is a magical time in our small house. There is an intoxication of flowers, blooming trees, grasses and vines. The garden centers open and all around us friends and neighbors reemerge to dig, shovel, mow and pull. Talk shifts from last night’s frost and how cold it was to how early we will see the first tomatoes, whether we will have a long hot summer or who’s lawn will look best this year.

We live to garden in this house. All winter is spent dreaming of this moment, the days when hanging baskets are put out, flowers are laid to seed, and vegetable gardens are getting ready to be put to use.  The days are *finally* warming up around here, well, they are drying out at the very least and how exciting it is to warm up, get out, run and play in the yard without fear of the cold Oregon rains.

We might have to wait a little longer to plant our garden as the warmth is a bit late in coming, but it will be planted soon.


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