April 22, 2011

The truth? THIS might be the reason I started knitting. Seriously, I saw it on one of my favorite blogs and I was smitten. Kept thinking, gee, wouldn’t Gerhard look smashing in it? Yup, I thought so too!

So here’s the finished piece! It’s called Pebble, a manly baby vest. The pattern came from Thrifty Knitter, and I have to say it is meant for a 12-18 month old skinny baby. My son is fairly thin but very long torsoed and seriously, it JUST FITS. While I do love the pattern and style of it, I think we need another one a bit bigger to get through the fall and winter, and just because I loved knitting it.

Who wouldn’t love to knit this (provided you love to knit like I do otherwise it will seriously be long and tedious!) since it knits up in a couple of days and is super easy!

I used one skein of Patton’s classic wool in Chestnut Tweed. Would I use it again? You betcha. Am I anxiously waiting for Joann’s to have some on sale again so I can pick more up? Oh yeah! Next time though, I think I will double the strands and add two inches width and about three inches length. Unless you can think of some way to make the kid stop growing.



Nope, didn’t think so.


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