A learning day

May 10, 2011

I had expected a lovely weekend filled with family time, art and relaxation. I had been looking forward to this Momma’s Day, it once being my second one and my little guy finally being able to hug and kiss and be a sweet little boy.

It appears that nature had different ideas than I did as I came down with a nasty stomach bug on Saturday night that continued all weekend. It continued so badly and so forcefully that on Mother’s Day husband had to take me to the doctor’s to make sure I didn’t have appendicitis.

That being said, Mother’s Day was a mess. Monday was another rough day while an exhausted Momma took care of a cranky and onry toddler who refused to behave. This Momma was so tired that she quickly ate her dinner, put the toddler to bed and hit the sack before 8pm.

But today, oh yes, today was our day. The kiddo and I went to the Oregon Zoo for the day – and a glorious day it turned out to be too.

I usually am a social creature, and most of our Zoo trips have usually been with a group of parental friends.  We chase the toddlers, we talk and laugh and share a lunch. But today’s trip was solo, just the boy and I – and I have to say it was one of the best trips I have had.

Being alone allowed me to really focus on my little boy, on his needs and actually teach him something about the animals. I was able to really bond with him, to laugh at his silliness and just be present in this experience. This was the first time we have been back to the zoo since he turned one and it was, by far, the most fun we have had. He told me where to go, what to see and what to do – and he thrived in the control of it all. He marveled at the animals, learning new names and calls for them at every stop.

And when he napped – and he did for just a brief hour – this Momma was allowed a break to sit and knit right by the tigers. A happier Momma there couldn’t be.


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