20 months and counting…

June 11, 2011

With my little guy is 20 months this week and I am feeling amazed at how the time flies. This little guy who started out as a little nugget of wiggles and meows now talks and runs, climbs and laughs, jumps, bounces and is hilarious.

What really amazes me is how far this Momma has come. Some Mothers are made the second the line turns blue, some are made the first time the little one is placed in their arms. Some Momma’s are born knowing what kind of parent they wish to be ~ whether natural parenting, caring, doting or maybe more strict. Regardless, many Momma’s I know knew what kind of parents they wished to be and managed to fulfill these dreams from the start.

I did not.

I was thrilled to become a parent. There was nothing I wanted more than to become a Mommy. But once the little guy arrived and they placed him in my arms, all my confidence and ideas of parenthood went out the window. I suddenly found myself lost and confused as to what sort of parent I wanted to be.

As I went to my Mommy groups and met other parents I gathered information and ideas from them – I tried on different hats and attempts at parenting.

After 20 months of parenting I can finally say that I feel comfortable in my own skin. Finally feel comfortable parenting in my own way with my own ideas and just the way I feel is right for our family. And, for someone who is rather uncertain about themselves and has spent so many years searching for her own place in the world, this is a huge accomplishment.




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