And then there were…

June 28, 2011



Just us.

It appears that in this difficult time this little family has come together. Gerhard has been a gem, a sweet, lovable little boy who curls up on Momma’s lap and wants to love.

This Momma seems to be giving herself a break. A break from life, from stress, from running around and doing things she does not like (except the whole cleaning the bathroom thing. It seems I need to do that whether I enjoy it or not.) So I plan on some sewing, some creating, some knitting and playing and baking. Some time for heart healing and soul mending.

For even though we only the idea of a second little, it was very real for those few days. So real, in fact, that a brief mourning period is called for and much needed. Sometimes, it is the time after the shock that means the most, the time to really realize what a miracle and joy life is, a moment to realize just what means the most to each one of us.





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