:: Happy::

June 30, 2011

It appears that June gloom has arrived both figuratively and literally around these parts. So much bad or unhappy news has been handed around that we need a cheer up!  In an effort to bring some sunniness back into our days and hearts, I have decided to share a list of things that are making me happy right now.

Sweet pea dish towels: yes, they are dish towels and used for drying or wiping or cleaning up spills – but they have peas! Also, they are so sweet and fresh and happy.

Momma friends that are always a phone or text message away. No matter the time, day or event, we always have a chance to laugh or cry over what life hands us.


The rocking St. Bernard: this was a gift from Gerhard’s grandma before he was born and I have to smile every time I pass it in the nursery.  Gerhard loves to rock on it, pet it, use his brush to comb its hair. It is made of sheepskin – so soft! Another lovely tidbit is the fact that our Lab, Lucy, has fallen for this giant dog and likes to lay at its feet and snooze. Love.

Nutella faced little boys.

Last fall, a Momma pal made me this lovely crocheted hat and I have loved it ever since. It is soft, well fitting and adorable and on those days when Momma has not had a chance to shower, wash her hair, breathe, etc. it serves its purpose: it makes me look great!!!

New books!! And whats better than new books? New crafting books! And want to know what’s better than new crafting books?? New crafting books purchased at a FANTASTIC deal! I know!

I had checked out all of these titles from our library at some point or another and coveted each one. They were on my list of “eventually, when the budget allows” items to get for myself – until I found them at a killer, killer deal. Yes, so killer that I don’t mind sharing that I paid $15.90 for all of them. ALL of THEM. Five books that I wanted SO badly. Happiness.

That’s the list for today, but I have more, oh yes, I have so much more! There is much happiness to be found around this house if you really look around.


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