{barley and me}

July 12, 2011

Whole grains are a big deal to this Momma. I am constantly trying to add more whole grains into my family’s diet – whether its as a side dish, a bread, pasta or dish. It’s good for us! It’s good for the tummy, the wallet and the cook – since most grains are fairly easy to cook they require very little work on the dinner maker.

Unfortunately, Rudie sometimes gets tired of eating, ahem, boiled grains. And sometimes getting the bottomless pit that is my toddler to eat a bowl of something other than cinnamon laden oatmeal is impossible.

Enter ingenuity! Today I had some leftover cooked barley from an inpromptu dinner party last night. We had a family of five friends over for playtime which was so much fun it turned into dinner. Let me tell you that few things are as fun as three running, playing toddlers and a hungry newborn!

But I digress…

In an attempt to come up with a dish for the hungry toddler asking for a snack at ten am, I threw together the leftover barley, some garlic powder, a bit of grated onion, salt, pepper and two eggs. Mixed it all up and fried it all into patties on olive oil on a nonstick skillet.

Can I say that the toddler devoured them? The kid that wouldn’t eat barley the night before ate three of these patties (with ketchup of course!). Somehow I’m picturing these as small canape (barley blinis anyone??!) at a cocktail party topped with a tapenade or some other fabulous thing.  I believe these will be making another appearance to the menu sometime soon!

Barley Cakes

2 cups cooked pearl barley

2 eggs

salt and pepper to taste

flavoring: scallions, onion, garlic, peppers, etc


Mix all ingredients together and fry up in patty shape on nonstick skillet.



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