Summer Sewing

July 26, 2011


A few weeks ago a Momma friend asked for help throwing a surprise baby shower for a soon to be Momma of three (in fact, said baby joined our world today!) who had never, ever had a shower before.

After planning what to make and getting the details down, I started thinking about what to create. For me, a baby gift calls for a chance of a created item, something that thought and attention went into. I enjoy creating things for the newest beings in our world – giving them something interesting to look at, feel, touch and smell.

I made this little banner by spacing it out over a week – I have a tendency to work on projects until I get frustrated. I attempted to give myself an allowance during naptimes – an hour a day to get something done. Day one, I traced and cut the fabric. Day two, stitched all the letters to the backing. Day three, I took off – we didn’t sleep much that day and it was a rough one! Day four, trim and attaching to the rope. By the time the baby shower came around, I was finished!

I found that by only allowing myself an hour or so at a time I did not allow myself to get overwhelmed with projects, frustrated with mistakes or lack of finishing time.  I found I really enjoyed the process much more when it was spread out over a few days, allowing for time to really think it through and dream up ideas.

Yes, this little baby project was easy and simple.  Hope the baby it was made for is just the same!




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