Second thoughts…

August 9, 2011

Before we even left for our camping trip, both of us remembered the wonderful peaches from Maryhill, WA. Last year we had gone to the little Gunkel’s Farm stand – a small wooden space filled with peaches, cherries,  local corn and the most amazing peach blossom honey we had ever tasted. Last year we brought home some honey but had not bothered to bring many peaches home. This year, we agreed differently.

During the last days of the camping trip we drove up to the wonderful groves of peach trees.  Being the canning enthusiast that I am, I was thrilled to find out that we could U-Pick as much as we wanted at a fraction of the cost of the market peaches. Hurrah! A family activity that yields wonderful fruit!

We drove home with 44 lbs of peaches. Yes, 44 lbs.  Now this wasn’t a problem for canning or putting up –  it really wasn’t that much work and would be done within the weekend. But then my Mother in law wanted to make pickles. And we agreed on a double batch of pickles from what we normally make. Yes, 50 lbs of pickles plus 44 lbs of peaches. Yikes.

Today, well, today I rested. I took a nap and gave myself the day off from peeling, slicing, boiling and canning. The mountains of laundry from the trip can wait, the rest of the ripening peaches (found a wonderful way to perfectly ripen peaches!) can wait, the messy house and stinky dog and errands can wait.

I’ve got peaches, pickles, pickle chips and relish for the winter. Didn’t think it could be done – but 94 lbs of produce put up. Hurrah!!

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