Fibre Arts Studio

August 11, 2011

As we drove through Goldendale looking for vintage stores, I spied a tiny storefront with the words: Fiber Arts Studio. My excitement showing, I convinced Rudie to pull over and wait with the sleeping babe while I went exploring. What a find!

Although the store was officially closed, I was waved in by a lovely lady named Beth Poirier.  Inside I found racks filled with vintage little girl dresses, sock monkeys, handmade skirts and amazing hand woven towels, tea towels and tapestries. Beth showed me around, explaining that three ladies all rented the space together, each one having a work space to do their craft.

The space, an old restaurant building, houses a large showroom and a generous back workroom (used to be a kitchen). The ladies utilize all the space with fabric, threads, cutting tables, storage racks and even using the three compartment sink for hand dying their designs.

Beth Poirier is the creator of Beth Poirier handwovens – beautiful hand made towels, washcloths and wall hangings made with love and care. She carefully chooses her threads and creates amazing designs, sharing with me which side of the wovens she prefers.

Beth, holding up one of her beautiful creations

Sandra Choate of Monkeyshines created children’s dresses and baby clothes  from reclaimed vintage fabrics – and such sweet and darling combinations they were. I was wishing I had a little girl to dress as it was hard to leave empty handed. Apron dresses with New Mexico tea toweling, dresses from table clothes, wonderful gingham and checks.

A true gem of a shop filled with artisans who cherish and love what they do. If you are ever in Goldendale, WA, stop on by on a Wednesday and say hello!

Fiber Arts Studio

118 W. Main St

Goldendale, WA



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