Early risings…

September 5, 2011

For whatever reason, I appears that I am unable to sleep in anymore. Whether it is new found energy (doubtful!) or just weird circumstances, my usual ability to rest and sleep in when the munchkin lets me seems to have left. After a few days of frustration and anger about this issue (why can’t I sleep in! I really, really want to!!) I have decided to embrace it and allow my days to start at the crack of dawn.

Dawn is a beautiful time in the Pacific Northwest. And for a parent, there is a tranquility of being able to get up and have an early start to the morning without a little one asking for hugs, food or cuddles. As I journey through my mornings I am realizing that these early risings allow my brain to awaken, to gather and plan for my day and what I wish to get done before my little one rises. This morning, armed with a piece of toast and a cup of tea, I was able to have some quiet journaling time, some time to reflect on my own state of mind and being – some time to lay priorities on paper to remind and remember what they are.

As the days goes by and summer becomes fall, I feel the seasons sometimes need to be recorded and remembered – both internally and vocally.

And as I finished this post I hear a little voice calling for Momma. And thus ends my quiet time!






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