Ravioli time!

September 6, 2011

A few weeks ago a dear friend gifted us six gallons of milk. Six!! I was thrilled at the challenge of finding what, exactly, to do with all the fabulous milk. While some went into the freezer for later drinking (which, while the husband was rather unsure of the frozen milk, turned out absolutely perfect – thank you very much!) but it would be waaaaaay  too boring to just freeze it all – and I didn’t really have the freezer space.

We love to make mozzarella. There is something about the fresh taste of the creamy cheese with salt and fresh ground pepper on it that just brings you to a different state of mind. You take a bite and suddenly you smell ripe tomatoes, lemon balm, the warm Tuscan sun on your shoulders and some hot Italian guy breathing down your neck…

Calm down, Momma.

Mozzarella is really fun to make – except when you are chasing a toddler and have construction going on. When you’re not exactly primed for time, cheese is really not the thing to undertake. It takes TIME. It takes patience to get the temperature right and its a process. But ricotta… yes, the ricotta recipe seamed easy enough to undertake. Boil, add vinegar, boil again, strain and refrigerate.  I could handle that.

But with all that ricotta in the fridge something else had to be done – raviolis! Fresh made pasta from our ladies rolled out into smooth, elastic sheets, ricotta mixed with garden fresh herbs and eggs, salt and pepper and we were in business!

My mother in law gave me this lovely ravioli cutter that was a life saver. It saved so much time by not having to crimp every single piece by hand and by giving me really pretty (albeit large!) raviolis.

The best part of the raviolis? I have a bag full of wonderful, homemade fast dinner waiting in the freezer – and they are delish!




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