This kind of a day…

September 8, 2011


Some days are the kind of days where:

~ you chase and chase and yet never catch up

~ daydreaming consists of all the sewing or knitting you wish you could do but have no time for

~ friends show up with four! massive bags of spinach in need of processing

~ toddlers seem to be in one of those moods

~  you pray for a nap for anyone and everyone

~ picking flowers can be considered exercise!

~ while you swore you would not eat out, sometimes it needs to be an option

~ you get handed two handfuls of poop, only to find there is a trail of it down the hallway. (ugh!)

~you find your little boy might not fit into his cloth diapers anymore

~ getting the stove wiped down is an accomplishment

~ having fun becomes a priority, making dinner not so much!

Hope your day is fruitful and fun filled. The summer heat has finally arrived in Oregon and we are out to enjoy it as much as possible!




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