sewing for baby…

October 3, 2011

Last week was spent dreaming up and making these sweet baby wrap shirts for a friend’s baby shower. There is something about sewing for a new baby that brings out such hope and joy in the task itself, even when that task is occasionally followed by the frustration of mistakes.

Frustration and fallibility have been coming up often around this little house.  Creating is a special thing in our family, allowing our imaginations and inner most thoughts come out in a physical or tangible way. Whether it is knitting, drawing, sculpting, playing or exploring, creating gives our souls back the joy of making, of being able to share ourselves in a unique way with the world.

There are a few road blocks in creating though, and often these come in the wake of mistakes. As mistakes are made I tend to get frustrated, wanting to finish quickly and within a time constraint. Unfortunately, I am a fairly novice crafter and things take a long time to make and when things go wrong because of hurrying or curious toddlers exploring, tempers arise.

Remembering to give myself a break, that I am a busy pregnant Momma who tries her best and sometimes may fail at what she attempts and remembering to include the littlest members of our household in the crafting were my goals this week. Remembering that no baby gift should be made in anger ( I firmly believe in what love you put into an item is the love the recipient will receive!) and that it is the making  of the item that needs to be the joy not the finishing that is important lessons in creating. And attempting to remain present in the process  and moment  of creation, to send the love in our hands and hearts into the gifts for those we love.




2 Responses to “sewing for baby…”

  1. tbiggers Says:

    These are so cute! Is there a PDF pattern link you can share?

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