Outside – In

October 13, 2011

As fall gets into full swing and Halloween knocking on our door the weather has graced  us with a few lovely days. Around here as the weather changes and we head indoors for all things warm and comforting and (ahem) DRY,  when the sun shines we head outdoors as much as we can.

Ouside, where sunny days spent in our garden exploring and harvesting are fleeting. We wandered and looked, picking what was fresh and ready to be processed, admiring the work of our friends the spiders, the squirrels and the ending of the summer growth as it changes to the colors of fall.

Outside, where there is always the garden to inspect – the garden with overgrown tomato plants, green and purple beans and the last of the season’s corn. The garden where mud boots are shed, socks are thrown off and bare toes squish into soft, supple earth. The garden, where Momma’s boots are demanded off to share in the feel of the earth, where foraging has become a sport of sensory and tasty delights and sharing with the Pooch is a game well loved. The garden.

Then we headed indoors as the weather clouded over and rain storms approached. Inside to preserve, to protect, to warm up. Inside to create and see what our bounty could become. Inside to explore some interesting ideas, to snack and drink and see what could be.



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