Fall Crafting

October 30, 2011

The weather has definitely changed in this little house and I have been busy bringing out the thicker, warmer towels, blankets and (my personal favorite) flannel sheets. Since we are striving to leave the furnace off for as long as possible and just bundle up to save some energy and energy bills, plenty of blankets, sheets and warm comforters are being piled on each bed.

The only problem with this plan is that he munchkin’s room gets super chilly. I mean walk into it and have to call my husband to make him see just how chilly his room can really be chilly. Luckily the kid sleeps in footy fleecy jammies and with plenty of blankets piled on his little toddler bed.  I have been itching to get back to my sewing machine and since a new baby will be occupying the crib in the spring a new flannel sheet for the crib/toddler bed was needed to make the little guy cozy and warm.

I will share that I am quite the cheap-skate when it comes to sewing. If I can avoid buying a pattern and just print something or our wing it I do. While this method might work really well for someone who has, let’s say, experience in sewing and knows what the heck they are doing, for someone like me who has no depth perception, no math skills ( I am not kidding on this one!) and seriously little patience with things once the chain reaction of screwing up starts – this is not a good idea. My very first flannel sheet I made last year was a mess. I added too much elastic making it too small and have add to shove and cram the mattress into the sheet (out of pure stubbornness!) every time it has been used.

This time, I bought the pattern. She can be taught! Let me say that with instructions it is much, much easier. I had to piece the fabric to make it wide enough for the mattress but otherwise it was a piece of cake. Where I had sewn the elastic stretch taut right onto the fabric and on the corners I learned to make a casing for the elastic on the ends and how to miter the corners. It turned out fantastic and the little guy loves it.




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