Times are changing…

November 14, 2011

As the weather turns colder in our little house and we all gather around the fireplace and cozy up to remain warm my thoughts have turned to winter crafting and the holidays. This has traditionally been a rather stressful time of the year for me, what with shopping, wrapping, cooking, gatherings and shipping, sometimes it is a bit much for this easily overwhelmed Momma.

Growing up, my family always put a big emphasis on gifts. It was always about WHAT you received, not what effort or thought went into it. I remember my brother and I taking professional school pictures, framing them in nice frames and giving them to our parents for their anniversary only to be given the response of, “that’s it? That is all you got us?”

Every year I wrack my brain hunting for presents and worrying if it will be enough. Will they like it? Will it be used? Will they be happy? Rarely does the question of, Will I be happy giving this? come up, and rarely do I enjoy the process of giving at this time of year. It plainly stresses me out!

As a parent I have loved the simplicity of life of a toddler – and realizing the they really do need much less things  than we think they do. My son, for example, has far less toys than his fellow playmates, but he has never noticed. He has plenty to do. For his holidays this year my husband and I are trying to focus on the season of Christmas, not the gifts. We have activities planned to celebrate the lights and magic, instead of spending the time at the mall. (There will be more on this coming later!)

This year I am attempting a difference. With a very tight budget and limited time as the holidays approach quickly, quickly, quickly we wish to make a change to our routine. I believe children have too much already, and instead of buying my nephews and niece something to make them happy, I will be making them presents. I have a nice fabric and yarn stash, I can make just about anything. With many things in progress, much sewing to do and a little bit of creativity I believe it should all turn out well. After all, what is giving a gift if the giver is not enjoying the process of making it!

And what about you? Do you holidays stress you out or make you happy?


One Response to “Times are changing…”

  1. Momma Pea Says:

    […] reward in the fact that I can make so much with my needles or sewing machine. I have mentioned this before, how the love of making makes my heart grow in immense ways. How the love of crafting is something […]

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