When cooking…

November 21, 2011


When cooking to a toddler it is best to remember a few simple rules:

  • if a mortar and pestle lives on your counter it will become a toddler mixing bowl
  • in case you wanted extra flour, sugar or garlic powder in your pancake mix, the toddler will take care of it for you
  • anything you wish to make might take 20-30% longer when including a toddler
  • the joy of seeing your toddler tell you what each spice is, how to mix them and try to measure out ingredients is wonderful
  • and somehow, despite the mess, it all gets finished – the pancakes are cooked, the breakfast devoured, the extra sugar, flour and spices are cleaned up and the toddler is thrilled at having help.

Hoping your Monday is fulfilling and full of sugar and spice!


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