November 25, 2011



I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving – full of laughter, family, friends and food, of course! Our Thanksgiving was a surprise and last moment event. The relative who was going to make the feast fell ill and on Wednesday I received a call letting me know that dinner would be at our house ! Surprise!

Fortunately, it all fell through in a wonderful way – dinner was a breeze, everyone was in good spirits and a relaxing afternoon was enjoyed my the whole family. It was lovely to stay home, allowing us an outdoor outing to enjoy the fall colors and crisp air in between rain storms. We were also able to watch a movie and enjoy each other’s company instead of driving four hours in traffic for the holiday.

And today, well today is Black Friday. Will you (or have you) been shopping? Is this a yearly event for your family?

Black Friday has been a sore subject for me this year. Growing up, my mom was a shopper always hunting for the best deal. It was not uncommon for her to visit six stores looking for the best price for whatever she wanted. I was never much of a shopper, getting tired and impatient very quickly. But at this time of the year, the urge to shop becomes prevalent. The ads, the commercials, the flyers, the “joining in” of the crowds, the deals – how can you not want to go and be a part of it? It is exciting to see what you can get for cheap, cheap, cheap!

The big problem with this is that we, as a family, are trying to consume less. Less items, less clothing, less toys, less stuff. I am constantly purging our closets from years of stuff, especially with a new baby on the way. As a family we have decided to not buy for Christmas, and not purchase more toys for out little one who does not need them. Another issue is the finances. Our budget is rather tight with my being home and there just is not much leftover for a shopping spree – even at discount prices. We recently had a discussion about whether the Black Friday deals are actually worth your time and money – or if it is just hyped up pseudo deals for a consuming craze society. I could go on and on…

This year, I am attempting to make most of the goodies for my family.  I love to give gifts and am finding much reward in the fact that I can make so much with my needles or sewing machine. I have mentioned this before, how the love of making makes my heart grow in immense ways. How the love of crafting is something I wish to pass on to my children (!) and have them want to create and cherish their creativity.

My husband had a creative and crafty childhood filled with ceramics, paper mache, coloring, crafting and other useful and fun activities. I look and imagine his childhood as a magical time spent creating and learning a new skill everyday. Today he loves to make – and every new project is a wonder to him. Someday I hope my boys will have this sense of wonder too.

Sending warm and creative wishes toward all!


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