Quite the pair we make

November 29, 2011


A few nights ago, right before the holiday and all its full and busy glory came to be, a realization hit me as Rudie and I went about our daily business. As he busied himself in the kitchen with a child underfoot and I busied myself at the sewing machine, I stopped and looked around for a moment.

I watched him explain to his little boy about yeast, flour and water and how it makes bread (and listened to said little boy repeat every word!). I watched him measure, mix and knead the recipes he was creating – using both skill and love to make one of our family’s daily staples. And I looked down at my own hands creating something  from nothing – from simple flannel and thread – and it hit me: what a pair we make.

One baking, the other crafting. One creating, the other inspiring. These roles are interchangeable from day to day – one day I bake, the other he does. One day I craft the next is his turn – well, except for the sewing. This is an area he doesn’t touch!

I cherish this partnership of ours, where the cooking and crafting can be split down the middle and both parents can be inspiring to our little ones. Looking to the future I can see us in fifty years still crafting and baking, still creating and exploring and having the love of making that currently drives our days.


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