Taking a break

January 13, 2012

I will be taking a break from this space for a little bit. My recent actions and words have caused me a need to step back and reccess whether or not to continue with this project or, at least which direction to go in.

thank you for understanding.



January 11, 2012

The extension to my left hand broke yesterday – yes, my little white cell phone decided to call it quits. I have often noticed how much I use this little device, how often I text, check Facebook or emails or just plain out Google something. But never have I noticed how much time I spend on the internet until it broke. I found myself wondering, what on earth will I do?

The issue is, much like any unhealthy relationship, there was a ME before there was a WE. Before I had a Smartphone, I did things. I waited till I had a moment to search for things. I wondered about questions and trivia before I could Wikipedia. And I definitely did not have to know who did what when on Facebook at every hour of the day. Since having constant access to the internet I have found myself to be more opinionated, more determined to let every person know my opinion on everything, and having to comment on everything. 

I do not like this about myself. I do not like having my son see me constantly attached to this ridiculous device, constantly having to catch my attention away from it to play or run or chase. I do not like the opinionatedness, the pettiness, the silliness of it all. I especially do not like the fact that I use more time to check my phone than doing what I love: crafting and cooking and being aware.

Tomorrow my new phone arrives. I hope that I can learn something from this experience and take the time to put the phone down. To not check my email a hundred times a day, to hold my tongue and reserve judgement to special occasions. I hope that I can learn enough from this moment of unplugged time to really remember what is most important in my world.

Nesting away!

January 8, 2012

This morning was the first one in a while where our Christmas tree was finally not in the house. I am not saying all of Christmas decor is gone, but at least the big tree is finally no longer a permanent fixture in our living room. It feels good to get a fresh start, clean house and start organizing!

Maybe it is the fact that the third trimester is knocking on the door, or that I am home more often than I was at this point with my first but the urge to nest is strong! I want to clean and organize, get rid of and plan and knit and sew to my heart’s content. In my love of handmade, I am currently knitting up a baby sweater for the little guy’s going home outfit (pictures to follow as soon as I empty the camera card! oops!) I think the sweater needs a matching hat and booties too.

This will be my first time cloth diapering from birth and I am a bit afraid. I hope to nurse (since my first had issues doing this) and wonder how messy the breastmilk poops will be in cloth. I began using cloth at three months with the first and honestly have not looked back since. It is a lifesaver knowing I have everything I need to diaper my child right at home without having to run out to buy more. Every trip to the store for more diapers and wipes just made me cringe. Yes, it is messy, but it is worthwhile mess. And besides, you are going to be involved in your kid’s poop whether you like it or not !

So here I am planning away. Today the full size guest room/nursery bed will be going away and the 2 year old’s new twin bed will be arriving thanks to a big strong Daddy. So today I can start working on the baby’s room and going through all the baby stuff. Today I can start feeding my need to nest!

Nest Nest Nest!!


January 7, 2012

December was a rather difficult month for me. I spent much of the month feeling rather down in the dumps about the consumerism and holiday buying – and my lack thereof. For years I have touted and believed in living simply and efficiently, and most of my adult and married life has been working toward simplicity. Everyday I try to downsize, look to nature for my grounding and inspiration and attempt to use what I only what is needed and around.

This is much easier said than done, especially during the holiday season. These past few weeks I have allowed myself to feel sad and dejected because my son was not receiving the same things are his peers. His Christmas was small and selective – and yet filled with more love, friends, family and happiness than I have felt in years past. The festivities were many and we all went out of our way to share our love with our friends and family. However, the pressure to buy and give was a bit too much for me. I spent hours agonizing over what we wanted to give to him, what he should have, what his Christmas morning should be like.

“Why are we should-ing all over ourselves?” – Carrie Bradshaw (an old quote collected from a past life!)

And now, after it is all said and done I find myself searching for ways to make myself happy by giving him something. But no toy or anything else I give him can compare with what he wants most: my attention. The little guy would rather have me or dad tickle him, play cars or chase him than play with any other toy he has. He would rather feed the chickens or look for treasure in the yard than watch a movie or mess with the hottest and latest toy out there.

This little episode brought light to my eyes. Less is more. Less is more in our lives, less is more in our bellies, less is more in childhood. The way we have chosen to raise our little boy(s) works for us, and the need to resist the temptation to just buy, buy, buy is important.

And right now, as I am joined on the couch by my sleepy eyed boy who is attempting to type with me, I realize that while less is more in most things, less can never be more in love. For, as the old saying says: my cup runneth over.

Greeting the New Year

January 4, 2012

Happy New Years to you all!

New Year’s celebrations were quiet and peaceful in our neck of the woods with a brief but cherished trip to the coast for the weekend. I wish I had pictures to show you, unfortunately we were so busy having fun chasing dog and toddler that we forgot to take any… and someone (me!) forgot to stick the memory card back in the camera before we left home. Ahem.

I am grateful for the New Year – a fresh start and a chance to breath again after the holidays. Christmas always seems rushed in my world and I always feel the need to do too much. I am happy having a moment to clean up, tackle the mountains of laundry and slowly and steadily get back into the swing of things.

I hope you all had a lovely holiday break – and welcome 2012!

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