January 7, 2012

December was a rather difficult month for me. I spent much of the month feeling rather down in the dumps about the consumerism and holiday buying – and my lack thereof. For years I have touted and believed in living simply and efficiently, and most of my adult and married life has been working toward simplicity. Everyday I try to downsize, look to nature for my grounding and inspiration and attempt to use what I only what is needed and around.

This is much easier said than done, especially during the holiday season. These past few weeks I have allowed myself to feel sad and dejected because my son was not receiving the same things are his peers. His Christmas was small and selective – and yet filled with more love, friends, family and happiness than I have felt in years past. The festivities were many and we all went out of our way to share our love with our friends and family. However, the pressure to buy and give was a bit too much for me. I spent hours agonizing over what we wanted to give to him, what he should have, what his Christmas morning should be like.

“Why are we should-ing all over ourselves?” – Carrie Bradshaw (an old quote collected from a past life!)

And now, after it is all said and done I find myself searching for ways to make myself happy by giving him something. But no toy or anything else I give him can compare with what he wants most: my attention. The little guy would rather have me or dad tickle him, play cars or chase him than play with any other toy he has. He would rather feed the chickens or look for treasure in the yard than watch a movie or mess with the hottest and latest toy out there.

This little episode brought light to my eyes. Less is more. Less is more in our lives, less is more in our bellies, less is more in childhood. The way we have chosen to raise our little boy(s) works for us, and the need to resist the temptation to just buy, buy, buy is important.

And right now, as I am joined on the couch by my sleepy eyed boy who is attempting to type with me, I realize that while less is more in most things, less can never be more in love. For, as the old saying says: my cup runneth over.


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