Nesting away!

January 8, 2012

This morning was the first one in a while where our Christmas tree was finally not in the house. I am not saying all of Christmas decor is gone, but at least the big tree is finally no longer a permanent fixture in our living room. It feels good to get a fresh start, clean house and start organizing!

Maybe it is the fact that the third trimester is knocking on the door, or that I am home more often than I was at this point with my first but the urge to nest is strong! I want to clean and organize, get rid of and plan and knit and sew to my heart’s content. In my love of handmade, I am currently knitting up a baby sweater for the little guy’s going home outfit (pictures to follow as soon as I empty the camera card! oops!) I think the sweater needs a matching hat and booties too.

This will be my first time cloth diapering from birth and I am a bit afraid. I hope to nurse (since my first had issues doing this) and wonder how messy the breastmilk poops will be in cloth. I began using cloth at three months with the first and honestly have not looked back since. It is a lifesaver knowing I have everything I need to diaper my child right at home without having to run out to buy more. Every trip to the store for more diapers and wipes just made me cringe. Yes, it is messy, but it is worthwhile mess. And besides, you are going to be involved in your kid’s poop whether you like it or not !

So here I am planning away. Today the full size guest room/nursery bed will be going away and the 2 year old’s new twin bed will be arriving thanks to a big strong Daddy. So today I can start working on the baby’s room and going through all the baby stuff. Today I can start feeding my need to nest!

Nest Nest Nest!!


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