Getting closer…

April 4, 2012

Diapering my babies was a pretty big discussion when preparing for my first son. Husband and I spent much time talking about it – my ideas for cloth and his argument against it. His biggest issues being cleanliness, rashes and hassle, my biggest being expense. In the end, I sneakily started cloth diapering one by one, a few diapers here, a few there and before he knew it we were mostly cloth at home.

With baby #2 due in a week, the discussion about diapering was null and void – he has seen the economic light. We are fully prepared, diapering drawer set up, all my fluff washed and prepped and ready to roll. But with this baby I wanted to try a new step in diapering – a more natural and handmade and hassle free (I hope!) – wool soakers.

I began knitting these early in pregnancy and have continued throughout as the months have passed. I used the Curly Purly Soaker Pattern and used 100% pure wool for all three of them. I enjoyed knitting them, the pattern was easy and pretty straight forward.  It made me learn to do short rows and learn to wrap stitches, always a good way to learn a new technique.

I found myself with a sleeping toddler and a bit of extra time this weekend and decided to lanolize my three newborn soakers. After some research and a bit of trepidation (which really there was no need for since it is SUCH an easy process!) I finished and hung them to dry. I was scared, I will be honest, that after knitting them I would find the washing process a hassle ( I am known to be a lazy person and laundry is NOT my forte!) but it took a total of ten minutes of active work time and the rest was sitting around waiting. No prob!

The process: I used 1/4 inch of Lansinoh Lanolin cream mixed in a mason jar with hot tap water and a half cap full of Eucalan wool wash. I shook the jar up to dissolve the cream and get the soap going, then poured it all into a little tub with some warm water – you want the water to be room temperature so it doesn’t felt or shock the wool. I soaked the soakers for 15 minutes then rolled in a towel to remove excess water and hung them on the crib to dry. That was it. So easy!

Now maybe I should start working the the next size up for this baby…


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